Fleet Trailer Tracking

$325 Includes 1 Year of Service

The Fleet Trailer Tracker was created for those who need to track trailers in real-time. What makes the fleet trailer tracking unit different is it doesn’t need a battery power source. This unit can run off the power of the taillights or run lights. The Fleet Trailer Trackers also have a backup battery that will last an impressive 3-weeks on it’s own. This is idea solution for trailers that have more valuable contents inside the trailer than the actual trailer value itself. Monitor and track in real-time. Every stop, start, routes, speeds, and interstate mileage reports.

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Fleet Trailer Trackers offer protection for every trailer your fleet.

This comprehensive fleet trailer tracking unit from GPS and Fleet features a small size and superior GPS performance. The Fleet Trailer Tracker is a complete trailer tracking device incorporating next generation GPS tracking technology. Superior internal antennas for both cellular and GPS eliminate the need for wired antennas.

Fleet Tracking Features

Real-Time Tracking That Does Not Require a Battery

Waterproof Tracker That Will Handle all Weather Conditions

Long Backup Battery Around 3-weeks

Geo-Fence Alerts, Interstate Mileage Reports