Company Car Tracking

$265 Includes 1 Year of Service

We offer the most innovative GPS for company car tracking. GPS and Fleet offers a premier tracking service at a discount price with no monthly fees. Being a successful business means being efficient. The company car tracking unit will pinpoint the vehicles exact location in real time. Get detailed history reports and even drivers behavior. The vehicle tracker makes it easy to access the data from any computer or smart phone.

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Company car tracking offers detailed information about every car. It’s like being in the passenger seat of every company vehicle.

Car tracking offers endless benefits. Consider sales staff that goes out on calls. You will see all routes, every stop/start, and how long it was at that location. Are you concerned about employees going home during the day or dating extended breaks? The GPS tracker will show everywhere they traveled and how long they were at those locations. This allows the company to know if they are being as efficient as possible. It’s like being in a virtual passenger’s seat in the company vehicle.

Company Car Tracking Features

Detailed history reports

Real Time Tracking

Makes Dispatch Easy

Better Efficiency