About GPS and Fleet

One of the most important questions you can ever ask yourself is “who am I?” GPS and Fleet has a culture that is positive and awesome! Our team loves what we do. We are always innovating and drink tons of coffee while we do it.

Our story is like many others. We started small and our clients helped us grow. The founder of GPS and Track ventured into the buy-here-pay-here industry with a large car dealership in Phoenix. Having zero experience in the industry, quickly learned that it was a complicated business. The dealership probably holds a record for the most lost cars. Customers would purchase a vehicle and “poof” completely disappear.

GPS tracking would have been a good idea. In hindsight, it would have been an excellent idea. That is what got us to this side of the business. To help businesses and individuals protect their assets.

As our company grew, so was the request for fleet tracking. The problem with vehicle tracking companies are the hoops you need to jump through. There are contracts, monthly fees, activation fees, shipping fees, tech fees. Our mission was to make it easy. No monthly fees, zero contracts, and an amazing platform.

Our fleet tracking platform constantly gets upgrades. Some of the best features we add come from ideas that our clients have. What is important to our fleet tracking customers is important to us. Our tech team and programmers are always improving our fleet program. These upgrades are always free to our customers.

Fleet technology is a game changer for many companies. The ability to track vehicles in real time with detailed history makes a business more efficient. Imagine what companies pay for an employee, fuel, wear-and-tear, and other expenses. Fleet tracking eliminates the questions of how efficient the business is being run.

We love selling this technology because it really helps business and individuals in monitoring and protecting their assets.

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