Covert GPS Tracking Device

$275 Includes 1 Year of Service

The Covert GPS Tracking device is ideal for business owners needing to track their vehicles, assets, or employees. If there is no power-source available, the Covert GPS Tracking Device is the best option for 24/7 unlimited tracking. If you do have the option of a power source we recommend looking at our other fleet devices here. This small device can fit in almost any space and comes with a magnetic harness that can easily be placed on the outside of the vehicle. By monitoring employees and assets, the Covert GPS Tracking device will ultimately result in an increase in business productivity which will increase sales profits. It gives fleet managers real-time locations, routes, speed reports, and more.

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Covert GPS trackers give fleet based companies a competitive edge at a low cost.

The small battery-powered tracking device comes with a magnetic case, which can be attached to the outside of a vehicle. The battery life typically lasts 5-7 days and the device comes with a charger. The Covert GPS Tracking device tracks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The GPS Tracking Solution features speed alerts, real-time location, geofence alerts, and much more. The website is easy to use. It gives you a detailed history report and you can set up text and email alerts as well. The Covert GPS Tracking device is $275 which includes one year of service, magnetic case, and a charger. After the first year it is just $99 per year to renew. There are no monthly fees. No contracts. And Free 2-day delivery.

Fleet Tracking Features

Tiny & Covert

Includes Magnetic Case

3 Week Battery Life & Recharges Quickly

Real Time Tracking With Detailed History